Guess the City – Summer edition

Greetings visitor,
You have before you a summer mini-project of AlterUrb Blog’s Editorial team. We wanted to create a fun, interactive and not too time consuming initiative for this summer at our blog and show interesting places members of our Working Group are visiting. 
Tourism affects cities a lot – it is particular travel agencies that decide what to show to the tourists and what not. This kind of tourism creates many problems for the cities. Airbnb takes over the center, particular parts of the cities are dominated by tourists and you practically don’t see any authenticity in the place you visit. We want to counter this problem with giving you some information about lesser known but still interesting urban places in Eastern Europe. It is a game of knowledge and chance so be quick and resourceful! 
Person who finds the most cities during these 5 rounds will receive a message of praise and a group hug from the team if we ever meet!
We will write the correct answers for each of the city at the end of the game – 5 cities, 5 questions, 5 correct answers.
Leave your answers in the replay thread below the articles! 🙂


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