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Guess the City – Summer edition

Greetings visitor,
You have before you a summer mini-project of AlterUrb Blog’s Editorial team. We wanted to create a fun, interactive and not too time consuming initiative for this summer at our blog and show interesting places members of our Working Group are visiting. 
Tourism affects cities a lot – it is particular travel agencies that decide what to show to the tourists and what not. This kind of tourism creates many problems for the cities. Airbnb takes over the center, particular parts of the cities are dominated by tourists and you practically don’t see any authenticity in the place you visit. We want to counter this problem with giving you some information about lesser known but still interesting urban places in Eastern Europe. It is a game of knowledge and chance so be quick and resourceful! 
Person who finds the most cities during these 5 rounds will receive a message of praise and a group hug from the team if we ever meet!
We will write the correct answers for each of the city at the end of the game – 5 cities, 5 questions, 5 correct answers.
Leave your answers in the replay thread below the articles! 🙂


Mystery City No. 5

Oh my fair thee daughter Dee, comee here an lemme tell ya a storee. Once, before the Great Flood and this world of islands I used to live in a city. Cities, Dee, weree not like our Olie here, they weree bigger, there was more land and space to build big things and small, more space to do anything you want. And there weree cars, I’vee told you about them. And there weree roads and the cars used thee roads and theree was a lot of them. The movement of thesee many carsee had to be controlled somehow and for that purposee Dee, theree weree traffic lightsee.

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Mystery City No. 4

In extreme situations, places of culture are transformed into places of resistance, a resistance against nondemocratic acts. Emergent situations call for immediate acts. A place that has always been a small cozy space where art was produced and exhibited, has now, for more than one year been transformed into a symbol of democratic rights and people’s power against tyrannic acts of the state. This place has become a reference point, not only because of the mere acts of resistance against its non-rightful demolition, but also as a representation of defying undemocratic acts and reclaiming what it belongs to the public. As such, this has become the symbol of the city it was built in.

Mystery City No. 1


Association Flame House of Peace organizes and leads activities in the Peace Flame House. In 1994, the foundation “Fred foundation” from the Netherlands started philanthropic efforts with the help of athletes who took part in the 1984 Winter Olympic Games the local community and a large number of people of good will, that led to such a unique building called Peace flame house – The flame of peace flourishing in the city as a strong contribution to the reconciliation and development of culture in the country. In 2003 a House of Flame of Peace was built. Today, the Peace Flame House is home to working associations that carry a message of peace, tolerance, and work to strengthen citizens awareness of social needs through various workshops on issues of civic values, the culture of life and education.

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