Internal Rules


This is a document explaining the working methods of the Alternative Urbanization Working Group of CDN.

1. Decision making:

  • All decisions regarding the work of the WG are made by WG members either during regular meetings or through the mailing list.
  • We aim to make our decisions by consensus, but when it is not possible or any member of the WG demands the vote, we should vote.
  • Voting is in general mandatory only for accepting or dismissing members.
  • For each decission to be made there should be 2/3 majority of YES votes.
  • There are only YES and NO options for voting.
  • If a member the WG is not able to attend the regular meeting, they should express their opinions or vote via mail in advance, as soon as the Agenda is sent to the mailing list.
  • A person that is not attending the meeting also can propose voting.
  • If there is a new point that pops up during the meeting to be voted on, this fact should be stressed in the post-meeting mail and members that did not attend it should be asked to express their opinions and/or vote during following 3 days.
  • Additional meeting can be scheduled if demanded by one or more member/s of the WG.
  • In case of announced unavailability the member is given a chance to vote or express their opinion later, if the decision is not urgent.
  • Regular meetings happen every 4 weeks on the day of the week and time previously agreed on by all the members of the WG (Nov 2017 – Sunday 16:00 CET)
  • Regular meeting time can be changed on demand of one or more members that justify the reasons (job, schedule change, moving to another country etc.)

2. Communication:

  • Mailing list is the main means of communication. All the information (pads, project proposals, articles, calls, membership applications etc.) regarding WG work should be sent there by responsible WG members.
  • Agenda to the regular meeting should be sent latest 6 days before the meeting to the mailing list by the person that assigned to do so on the previous regular meeting.
  • When two or more WG members are working on something for the WG together, they are free to choose their means of communication but they are obliged to present their work on the mailing list.
  • Facebook group of the WG is a space for sharing interesting materials, news and ideas regarding the topic and is open to the wider public.
  • Facebook group is not a place for decision making.
  • Megapad is a collection of all the working pads used by the WG. All members of the WG have access to it.
  • All members that are making a new pad should add the link to the megapad so that others have access to it too.

3. Membership:

  • A person applies for the Working Group membership by sending an application located on AU WG blog. Decision on acceptance of the new members is being made during monthly online meetings according to the general rules of the decision making defined in paragraph 1.
  • In case of inappropriate action or behaviour of a WG member, any other member can demand the discussion on the issue, after which the WG can warn the member. In case the problematic actions/behaviour repeats, dismission of the member can be proposed by any member and voted by the members of the WG. Decision is made according to the general rules of the decision making defined in paragraph 1.
  • The responsibilities of WG members are, but are not limited to: following the mailing list and general developments of the WG, participating in the regular meetings, promoting the activities of the Working Group, writing and editing the articles for the blog, developing project ideas etc.
  • All members are recommended to announce their unavailability to follow the activities of the Working Group, which might be: not having access to internet, being abroad or on a vacation, being busy, sick etc.
  • The new members are informed after the regular meetings and added to the mailing list. They recieve the next agenda, link to megapad and the technical pad.
  • A member, responsible for particular task, is also responsible for making sure that they get feedback from everybody on it.