Mystery City No. 5

Oh my fair thee daughter Dee, comee here an lemme tell ya a storee. Once, before the Great Flood and this world of islands I used to live in a city. Cities, Dee, weree not like our Olie here, they weree bigger, there was more land and space to build big things and small, more space to do anything you want. And there weree cars, I’vee told you about them. And there weree roads and the cars used thee roads and theree was a lot of them. The movement of thesee many carsee had to be controlled somehow and for that purposee Dee, theree weree traffic lightsee.


Those machines with lights of red, yellow and green. People likee you and me tho, used to usee a different kind of lightsee, lightsee for thee people only red and green. The red man says stop, you cross not, the green man says go, you go. It was a rush. You had to rushee across the road, fast, sometimes half wayee through the green man turnsee red and what do you do? The red man always ruled. One tho, the light, in this city oh Dee diddly Dee was of a different kind. The green man ruled, which was weird. I used to usee that one every day, you come near it from some 20 yards away, the green man rules, you think OK, the red man is next, the wait is due but no Dee, the green man still rules. You start to cross the road the green man rules, you cross it the green man rules, you look back… The green man rules! Soon tho the red man appearsee but he doesn’t rule, he is short, short as every other green man and you feel good. That was a place of respect for the walker Dee dontly do, the place wheree things were as they properly should.



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