Call for articles – The Future of small Functional Cities

 How small functional cities can tackle capitalistic future?
You may have thought a lot about the dominance of capitalism and financial power that decreases chances for individuals to have influence on politics. Small, functional cities, that were build due to particular industry are even more unprotected in front of inhumane, irresponsible and unethical capitalism. These cities are built due to certain purposes: exploitation of natural resources, railway knots, tourism etc. They are not big and the inhabitants are mostly dependent on a monopole company or set of companies. Developing countries are especially encountering aforementioned problems, due to modern forms of imperialism, exclusive trade deals or state wide corruption.

CDN Alternative Urbanization Working Group is opening a call for articles tackling this and related problems. The articles will be uploaded on our blog. If you are Interested in the topic and want to contribute, this is for you!
What do we want from you:
  • Introduce the problem
  • How can this cities be ready for the challenges?
  • What should we learn from the case and how can the situation be improved?
  • The responsibility of the governments
  • Importance of citizen solidarity and civic engagement
  • How can individual cases be applied for wider scope, how can we create our pathways?
  • P.S. – the space is yours – Add the topics you feel is crucial. 
If you are interested, fill out this form till 31st of October.
In case of questions do not hesitate to ask us, sending mail to
CDN Alternative Urbanization WG

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