Impression of the Day 1

I have to admit that I was not expecting this event to be as fun and enjoyable as it has been so far. The city quiz and the follow-up discussions were my favorite events of the day.  I learned a lot of new facts during the quiz, and there were   things and figures which surprised me. Also, the discussions on topics such as transport, services and public spaces were very nice to participate in and they were also  very fruitful.

So far the trainers and the participants rock. I hope that I will enjoy the event until the end.


Glejdi Floku, participant

Local General Plan coordinator,

National Territorial Planning Agency Albania



Every time that an event (such as a study session or a training course) is starting, it’s important to understand who the people around are.Different countries, different nationalities, different languages.Different NGOs and backgrounds. But all of these people are united by the desire to make cities greener; eco-friendly and also more  youth-friendly.

A “getting-to-know-each other” session gives the opportunity for participants to get to know each other better and learning how to work together as a team.And especially important – to learn how to open one’s mind and one’s heart for a new experience, as well as the desire to “reclaim the city!”

Ksenia Fedorova, The prep-team Job Shadower

At the start we should ask ourselves the famous question from Matrix: “Do I choose the red pill or the blue one?”
If the answer is the red pill, the way is clear: education and action to influence change, so it doesn’t end up like the scenario agent Smith was contemplating about.
Vanja Dabižinović, participant
Member of the Governing Board, Club Alpbach Montenegro






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